International Day of Happiness

The International Day of Happiness is a global celebration of the fundamental human emotion that we all strive for - happiness. Every year on March 20th, people from all around the world come together to promote happiness and well-being in their communities.

At Chasing Cards, we understand the importance of spreading happiness through simple gestures. Sending a greeting card to a loved one is an easy yet effective way to brighten up their day and show them that you care. Not only does the recipient of the card feel happy and appreciated, but the act of sending the card also brings joy to the sender too!

Research shows that acts of kindness and gratitude, such as sending a greeting card, can significantly increase our happiness levels and help with mental health. When we express our feelings of love and appreciation towards others, we feel a sense of fulfillment and connection. This connection not only enhances our own well-being, but it also strengthens our relationships with others and makes them feel amazing too!

We understand the power of connection and offer a range of cards from birthday, to anniversaries, from thank you to get-well-soon wishes and so much more.  Chasing Cards has a card for every occasion, and some for no occasion at all!  We believe that spreading happiness is contagious and we want to create a world where everyone feels appreciated and loved.

On this International Day of Happiness, let's take a moment to reflect on the importance of spreading happiness in our communities. Let's take a step towards making someone's day brighter.

Let's embrace the power of connection and spread happiness one card at a time.

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